2012 Vacation – Part 8 of 9: Bamberg Germany


Part 8: After our last day in Cambodia, we headed just outside of Frankfurt to Bamberg, Germany.  After our flight to Frankfurt, we picked up our rental car and drove 2 hours to Bamberg, Germany, where we met up with our friends, Bana, Matt, and Henry, who have just relocated there for a 2-year assignment in the army.  We spent that afternoon exploring their suburb and the entire following day in the town of Bamberg, now a UNESCO site and one of two cities in all of Germany that was not destroyed by the war.  Following that very special visit with friends, we headed back to the Frankfurt airport that night to get a little sleep before our 9 hour flight home to NYC (more on that tomorrow in my last 2012 vacation post!).

  • Type of Luxury in the Sky:  Flew Bangkok Airways from Siem Reap to Bangkok (1 hour, standard flight), then Thai International to Zurich (12 hours, business amazingness, which offered a complimentary 30-minute massage in the spa lounge prior to boarding), then Lufthansa to Frankfurt (1 hour, business spoiled), followed by a drive from Frankfurt to Bamberg (2 hours).
  • Decibel Level:  Flights again were like luxury hotels in the sky and Bamberg was quaint with some perfect live music on the side and the ever cooing Sir Henry in our arms.
  • Deliciousness on a Plate: Although we weren’t craving comfort food as we have by the end of some of our other adventures, European food is always good for the palate.  Croissants, Pretzels, Wiener schnitzel, bread with butter/cheese/tomato, pizza, coffee, local beer, and cheese Spaetzle.  Oh and some delicious Henry thigh!!
  • Expanding our Horizons:  Aside from continuing our theme of how the other half lives, spending time with friends is always one of our favorite things to do.  We love those Millers!  And in an effort to be reasonable, we rented the cheapest car available, which was a Mercedes.   We were in Germany after all!  So driving on the autobahn was certainly an adventure (a really really really fast, no speed-limits, adventure!).  We also saw a few of the famous sites in Bamberg like the Dom, Imperial Cathedral (Kaiserdom), Rose Garden at the New Residenz, Statue of Empress Kunigunde, etc., but none were quite as excellent as seeing where our dear friends will spent the next two years of their lives.  They’re pretty incredible, seriously.
  • Shut-Eye:  Bana booked us at the Franken Hotel, which was an adorable local hotel a few blocks from their new home and proved to be the perfect European rest-stop.  And right before our flight we stayed near the Frankfurt airport at the Carat Hotel.  We were really only there for about 6 hours after we dropped off the rental car and slept before heading back to the airport, but it served its purpose with a free shuttle bus back and forth.  One note about the Carat, the breakfast doesn’t open until 6:30am, so although it was included, we were headed back to the airport for our flight before it even began serving coffee (poor Arion).
  • Jealousy Inducers:













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