2012 Vacation – Part 5 of 9: Hoi An, Vietnam


Part 5: While in Danang for 4 days, we snuck into the old ancient town of Hoi An twice.  Once for an afternoon to pick out fabric and be measured for custom clothing and again for a full day to explore the city, pick up our new clothing, and do even more shopping.

  • Type of Luxury in the Sky:  20 easy minutes by hotel shuttle
  • Decibel Level:  Beach Town
  • Deliciousness on a Plate:  You’ll see the noodles below.  And the Vietnamese coffee (Arion) and the fresh fruit smoothie (me).  And the mango salad.  MY GOD THE FOOD!!!
  • Expanding our Horizons:  Arion: 4 work shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 1 pair of black work shoes, 1 t-shirt; Heather: 1 dress, 1 skirt, 1 pair of shoes, 2 pairs of flowy delicious comfy pants, set of 20 chopsticks in hand-carved wooden box complete with chopstick rest pads.  Oh and the picture about half-way with women surrounding me and pinching my cheek – great story – I found my beloved Tiger Balm in the market that is great for mosquito bites and once the shopkeeper saw my legs she forced me to sit down right there on the curb as she put it on me herself.  They were all over me and it was hysterical.  Highlight of the trip and testament to the amazing people we met throughout our journey.
  • Shut-Eye:  See Danang.
  • Jealousy Inducers:






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