2012 Vacation – Part 4 of 9: Danang, Vietnam


Part 4: After 3 days in Ha Long Bay, we flew to Danang, Vietnam.  This was the beach and relaxation part of the trip, for 4 full days, yipee!!  While there, we headed into Hoi An, the ancient city nearby, but that will be post #5.

  • Type of Luxury in the Sky:  Flew Vietnam Airlines in the exit row, for an hour.  Doesn’t get much easier than that.
  • Decibel Level:  Heaven
  • Deliciousness on a Plate:  We arrived to fresh dragon fruit welcome drinks in mini lounge chairs, need I say more?  The food continued on its quest of pure deliciousness and the breakfast buffet followed suit.  It was HUGE.  We also had amazing dinners at the hotel restaurant and in town – some a little more western, some completely authentic.  If you don’t realize already people, the food in this part of the world is AMAZING.  Oh and I also had great girly beach drinks, daily.
  • Expanding our Horizons:  If reading the trilogy of 50 Shades of Grey while sitting pool side for 4 days is expanding of ones horizons, then yes, yes I did.  Oh and we also got daily 60-minute body massages for $30.  I love Vietnam.
  • Shut-EyeFurama Resort and Spa was 6 stars.  Our room was gorgeous, the grounds were perfect, the food delicious, the staff accommodating.  This was hands down the best hotel of our trip.
  • Jealousy Inducers:





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