2012 Vacation – Part 1 of 9: The Flight


Part 1: Our 29-hour journey from New York to Hanoi, Vietnam.  We started off at JFK, had a quick pit stop in Frankfurt, which consisted of getting snacks in the luxury lounge for 30 minutes and then getting back on the plane, then switched planes in Singapore for a quick hop over to Hanoi.  No delays, lounges all the way, and good food – maybe flights to the other side of the world aren’t so bad after all!!

  • Type of Luxury in the Sky: Singapore Airlines A380, second floor of the PLANE, business class
  • Decibel Level: Relaxing Hotel in the Sky.
  • Deliciousness on a Plate: Cheese plate on an airplane, yes please!  Followed by ice cream and a hot towel, don’t mind if I do.  Wake me up for breakfast with fresh fruit and a croissant, I suppose that is all right.  It was gourmet food while flying, who knew that was even possible!
  • Expanding our Horizons: Experiencing the way the other half lives. 
  • Shut-Eye: Watch a movie from the comfort of a lazy boy that could fit two of you, check.  Decide to go to sleep for the night in a bed, while flying in an airplane, check.
  • Jealousy Inducers:



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