I am married to a triathlete!!


This past Saturday, May 5th, Arion completed his first triathlon!!  Because my camera is still sitting by my computer getting ready to put up vacation photos, the iPhone had to do!  It was a sprint triathlon, which means: Swim: 500 Meters. Bike: 11 Miles. Run: 3 Miles.  Unfortunately, the fog was so bad that day (you’ll see in the photos) that they cancelled the swim!!  They were afraid they wouldn’t be able to see if someone was in distress.  LAME.  For many triathletes this was great news because they hate the swimming piece, but for those of you who know Arion at all, this was tragic.  Swimming is his event!!  So instead they did a 1.5 mile run followed with the scheduled biking and running.  Either way, Arion did fantastic and is planning to sign up for many more this summer because he enjoyed it so much AND he wants to do one that actually includes the swimming part!  I was an excellent cheering wife, embarrassing myself and everyone around me, by screaming and jumping and dancing, every time Arion passed by.  It was a blast.  I only have photos of the running part because the bike was too fast and I decided on cheering instead of attempting to get a photo, but you get the idea.. My hub is a rockstar – so proud!!!

photo 1

photo 3

photo 6

photo 8

photo 9

photo 10



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  1. Arion already achieved rockstar status from me long ago, but this puts him at super duper rockstar status. Way to go Arion!!!

  2. Great post and great pics Heather. You’re married to one big stud (and he’s pretty lucky too. :))

    Great group shot of the guys as well. Well done, gentlemen!

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