Celery–A vehicle to get peanut butter into my mouth


Confirmed: I am currently eating peanut butter slathered all over a piece of celery.  And wouldn’t you agree that celery is pretty useless except in situations when you need something healthy to eat peanut butter on, so you don’t feel like a totally fatty?  I’m going to assume all of you are nodding enthusiastically at your keyboard and now have a craving for peanut butter.  Sorry about that last part.

Anyway, on to March since I am so drastically behind in writing about my daily happenings.   I will blame it on the fact that life has been so excellent lately that I haven’t slowed down to interrupt it with the click of a camera and if I’m not loading photos, I forget to write about the activities, too.

That said, a summary of the past few weeks (mostly just a list of yummy restaurants I indulged at with friends, family, etc.):

  • Celebrated Tammy’s 30th birthday at Tre Otto
  • Had dinner with Karen at GustOrganics
  • Missed bookclub because of my stupid tooth (more on that here) and received countless emails the next day asking if I was preggers because that is the only logical explanation for me not to attend and consume copious amount of wine with my girl friends.  For the record: I’m not.
  • Had dinner with Erika and Adam at Land
  • Had dinner with a favorite of mine, Lisa, at Maya; followed by being up all night talking like little school girls and having a sleepover – that’s what you get when one of your favorites lives 2000 miles away and is in your city for a hot minute
  • Had brunch with Sandy at David Burke at Bloomingdales and then did some shopping
  • Followed by more shopping and fro yo at Berry Wild with Jen
  • Followed by afternoon-wine with both Sandy and Jen after Sandy finished some work (on a Saturday!?  I know, the HORROR!) at Fig and Olive
  • Saw The Hunger Games movie, not nearly as good as the books… but exciting to be first in line on opening day (me = hanging out with tweens in line)
  • Sandy and Bobby’s engagement party!!!!!!! (at August)
  • Went to brunch to celebrate Lindsey’s birthday and her baby bump reveal at Candela Candela
  • Dinner with Velen at Cabana
  • Dinner with the Karen, Kete, Cleaver, and Emily at Betel, followed by the play Guidance
  • Girls dinner with Karen
  • Dinner with Sandy and Ashly at MarX
  • Passover Seder with Arion, me and Brett and then second night with the rest of the Robbins family

Now you can see why I haven’t been writing!!  Granted the one who will enjoy this list the most is my mom (hi!) and those of you who made the list of the past few weeks…. but I keep this blog to document, so I hope you enjoyed reading and got some restaurant recommendations in the process, too!!

Now to only not get behind again…


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