How Long Have You Two Been Together?


5 years, says my brilliant self on Thursday night with a group of Arion’s co-workers.  Husband chimes in… actually it’s been 6.  We met in 2006 and it’s 2012, Heather.  WHOA.

Now you may realize why I’m posting on a Saturday, which I never do.  Well… 6 years ago, today, I met a studly boy from NJ.


One of our first dates, at The Palm.

And still, even in 80s skiing garb from his dad, he knocks my socks off.


Who knew that the boy I laid eyes on while singing “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC at Keats Karaoke Bar, would be my future husband.  I did Smile.

A special thanks to Beth Linas, for living with her cousin, Jake Gamerman, who brought this fine specimen out to my party that night.

Love you – which means I really do, since I’m expressing it to the Internet.



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