Packing for Vacation–AKA Inducing a Panic Attack



What do you do when you’re wondering/panicking about what to pack for a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia for 2.5 weeks with a few days at the end in Germany?  You consult Google.

First, weather: It will be a high of 80 in Vietnam, 95 in Cambodia, and 60 in Heidelberg.  That calls for layers.

Then I found this: The online Universal Packing List ( will generate a customized list of suggested items based on your trip length, the expected climate, your planned activities, and other factors.  Read more:  Although very cool, click on the link, it’s not destination specific so I don’t trust it!

So now I have this list going:

  • Clothes that layer
  • Comfortable Shoes

Anything else?

Ugh, I’m doomed.

Next stop, Pinterest.  Which will either lead to losing several hours deciding what kitchen cabinets my dream home will have (I rent an apartment in NYC) along with the most adorable 1st birthday party ideas for my non-existant child (most likely) OR an amazing packing list.  One can hope.



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  1. You lose hours of productivity on Pinterest on things for your dream house, as well? So do I! lol I created a kitchen and living room board to float ideas for the dream house I am years (or eons) from buying for myself. Dare I create boards for the bedroom, front yard, backyard, basement or attic spaces, too. 😛

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