1 Month Overdue Cousin Surprise Face


I have to come clean; I am delinquent cousin.  On February 2nd, my dearest cousin (in-law), Amy, turned 25!!  We REALLY surprised her (proof above) and celebrated in style at Los Feliz with delicious Mexican food – you’re SHOCKED that I loved it, clearly.  I feel even more terrible that this blog-post is so late because Amy is one of my valued readers!  She responds to every post.  EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.  So this is all for you, Merrill.  Happy Belated, officially from the blog!!


The sweet and generous Merrill family: Cliff, Ned, Amy, and Nancy!!  Who traveled into the city to celebrate.


Total Brett face.  Way to ruin a photo, brother. Winking smile  Although, it does make me laugh uncontrollably when I look at it.


At 25, Amy joined the 21st century at got an iPhone!  Watch out though because she’s a tweeting machine now!!


Arion and I seriously love this lady.  LOVE.  And are so happy she lives in the same city as us.





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