Colorado Ditty


I spent 4 glorious days in CO this past weekend and instead of viewing it through my camera lense, I actually paid attention a little bit more.  But stop panicking, I still have a few goodies of my delicious nephew to share with you – along with a lot of over-sharing about what I did in the 303 area code.  And just in case you were still concerned because I haven’t mentioned it enough: It’s still my favorite place on earth.

First, I will bore you with the details, so you actually read them, and then you’ll get to the photos.  Unless, of course, you’re my cousin Amy and you’re already scrolling down….

Thursday night, I arrived safely on Frontier Airlines, after watching Puss In Boots.  I may be 30 and an “adult”, but I love me some talking animals.

Friday = Shopping with Mom.  Mom gets a capitalized letter, because she’s one-in-a-million.  Nordstrom has never been so excited to see me and blessed me with some perfectly fitting fire-engine-red jeans.  I know, you’re already sweating just thinking about how hot I must look in them.  You’re right.  We had lunch at the Grand Lux Café in Park Meadows.  If you go, there’s this appetizer that my mom insisted upon and WOW.  Description: Asian Nachos – Crispy Fried Wontons Covered with Chicken in a Sweet-Hot Peanut Sauce. Topped with Wasabi Cream and Melted Cheese.  See?  Delicious.  With restored energy, we hit a few more stores before heading to Wes’ house (okay, Melissa and Danny OWN it… details people).  I thought I loved him before, but man-oh-man, I can’t take it.  Aside from being awesome and brilliant and adorable, in general, he also plays a mean goalie in basement soccer and his run-and-hug literally knocks you over.  LOVE.

Saturday, we had breakfast at home and then headed back to the land of Wes-goodness to play and visit with my aunt, uncle, cousins, and their 6 kids.  It’s never enough time, but I love spending time with them and being all together.  I am so lucky to have such a warm family who in 3 days notice can make a get-together happen.  Like I said, I barely took photos on this trip, so I only have these three (but I think you’ll agree that they’ll do just fine):

After family time, my parents, Melissa, Danny, WES, and I headed to Mexican heaven… La Loma.  The Chimichanga and Chile Relleno were better than I remember.  I could eat there all day, every day.  Oh and here’s one of the two photos of me from the trip.  This one, courtesy of Wes – future photographer?  Perhaps.  Reminder: He’s 2 and a half.


We followed-up the meal with Sopapillas and Fried Ice Cream.  I’ll let Wes demonstrate how good it was… (these photos are before he just picked up the entire thing and shoved as much in his mouth as possible… I was laughing too hard to even get my camera!)

Sunday, we started with swim lessons.  And as Arion says, our little little fishy makes me swoon.  He does a mean back-float.

Afterwards, we went to The Bagel Deli, which was another great meal and then headed to Target.  I know it seems funny, but we don’t have one here in Manhattan, so this is on my to-do list for every CO visit.  Unfortunately, I then had to say goodbye to Wes and possibly sobbed like an ugly walrus in the car before meeting up with my dear Lisa!!  I don’t have a picture with this favorite, but she’s probably thanking me since her and G had been moving all day.  It was a real treat to see them in “my” home-state where G is in grad school and I can’t wait to see her again when she comes up to NYC for work in a month!!!  I spent the afternoon with the folks and then headed back out in the evening to go to Duo for restaurant week with Kendra and Jason!  Kendra was the brilliant one and made sure we documented our visit, so here’s that photo.  Love my Kendra time and wish I could do it more often.

Monday, was a quick trip to the Dr. because mom has strep (sad face), followed by lunch at Cheddars and a little more shopping, before heading back to the airport.

So that was my trip.  Wonderful, happy, delicious, perfect, and always WAY too short.  It gets harder and harder to leave each time, but Happy Feet 2 got me through the plane ride until I could settle back into my other most favorite place… Coogee and Sadie’s Paws Arion’s arms.  All joking aside, it is good to be back with the hubs and in my current home city, but part of me always stays behind in CO.  Thanks everyone who made my visit extra special… especially Mom, Dad, Melissa, Danny, and Wes – MWAH!!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming…




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