Why 2012 is Still Going Strong!


I know it’s hard to imagine that things happened in January except for my birthday celebration, since it was so awesome and monumental, but they did!

Arion’s Uncle Charlie was in town for business, so we took a time-out and took him to a delicious Italian restaurant – Arion’s mom came in, too!!



On my actual birthday, I received these beauties from my dear friend Lisa – Coog thanks you!


I also cashed in my birthday present from Brett and had brunch at Café Gitane with the best avocado toast EVER and then headed to the Nike ID design store in Soho to DESIGN MY OWN PAIR OF SHOES.  That’s right – Brett rocks once again in the gift department and booked a private design appointment to help me design some sneaks.  Since these are going to be a representation of my 30th birthday for years to come, I went all out with some high-tops!  They’ll be here in about 5 weeks and I’m psyched!


I also hosted book club this month.   We read The Alchemist, which you already know that I despised, but one good thing that came of it in addition to the excellent company and food/wine, was Velen’s debut of her homemade Tzatziki!!  People, this stuff is delicious and amazing.  If you want to buy some (which you do), email me and I’ll get you in touch with the amazing cook.  In fact, I’m going to go get a bowl right now.. one moment….

Ok, I’m back… with Tzatziki.  Arion’s cousin, Kyra, was also in town from Boston last weekend!  So all of the cousins schlepped to the west side for brunch – that’s how much we love our Kyra.  Well, that and an all you can drink brunch Winking smile  From left to right, Amy’s boyfriend Jared, cousin Amy, brother Brett, the hub, yours truly, cousin Cliff, and cousin Kyra!!

Afterwards, we needed to kill some more time, so we dropped into a local watering hole and did some more visiting.


One night, I also met Karen at Boise Tea Parlor for the Chef’s Royal Tea Service for two!  It started with champagne and ended with free scones to take home – yes, please.

I better wrap this up because I’m headed to The Paris Theater to see The Artist tonight, but I’ll leave you with a peak at what most of my other days looks like.  Picture me working at my desk, with my trusty office assistants always close by…


Happy February!!!



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