Sayonara, 20s … HELLO Fabulous 30s!!!!!


I’m officially 30 people.  As of 8:21am this morning, official.  And I couldn’t be in a better place.

I have my health, an amazing husband, a supportive family, loyal friends, and two very snuggly cats (look Arion, I put you before the cats this time!).

And as if I didn’t already feel completely loved every day of the year, you people are pouring it all over me today.  Thank you!

Enough of the sappy business that you all know I could hold on to for hours, here are the details from my Mexican Birthday Brunch (totally out of character, right?) last Sunday.

Arion hosted our family and friends at La Palapa.  The restaurant went beyond our expectations and even had some festive décor in my honor – it probably wasn’t just for me, but go with me here.

Note: All of these amazing photos are courtesy of my friend, Sandy.  She doesn’t do this professionally, but with these results, it sure felt that way.


My dear friend Jen (lil Jen to most of you) brought some beautiful balloons to make me feel extra special.  It worked.


The restaurant also printed a custom menu so our guests would see their meal and drink options.  How they knew that it was my 2nd Annual 29th, is still a mystery Winking smile


Everyone arrived in style and started to mingle with drinks, as I attacked them for photo documentation of their great friendships.


Isn’t the back of my dress totally HOT!?!  I know, it’s unreal.  And my hubs told me so, more than once.


Every good Mexican brunch must start with the corn.  The delicious, amazing, cheesy, and spicy corn.  If you haven’t had it yet, you’re not living.


Arion also surprised me with a beautiful toast, including words from my parents who couldn’t be in NYC last minute due to my new enemy, pneumonia.  Mom is on the mend now, but pneumonia and I will forever be in a fight.


What, you thought when I said beautiful toast, it meant I’d stay dry-eyed?  Do you even know me AT ALL?!


I think the guy behind Amy at the table is also listening to Arion.  He’s quite the speaker.  And I think I may or may not be giving him side-eye here to butt out.


And this is where he jabs me about being Type–A.  I embrace it.


Then the cake, another hub surprise.  The glorious Carvel Ice Cream Cake.  The restaurant was eerily quiet for at least 2 minutes as we all dug in.  Why only 2 minutes?  Well, my piece was gone in that amount of time.


I know this is about my birthday, but seriously people, aren’t these two the most adorable brothers??? (and the one on the right is single – hiding now, from the wrath of Brett)


There was also time taken away for the girls to admire my new hardware Winking smile  I practically shoved it in their faces I was / am so excited.  It’s sparkly.


And last but not least, the photographer, out from behind the camera.  If you remember from her 30th birthday post, we now have another shot to add to the mix.


In addition to my parents, Melissa, Danny, and Wes – some of my best ladies were unable to attend and they were dearly missed, but it just means my birthday celebrations will have to last longer than a day (bummer) and I’ll celebrate with them the next time we’re together.

Thanks for reading – love you all to pieces.  Now for more gallivanting in all of this excessive love.blogsig


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  1. Love everything about this post, but mostly love the person who wrote it! Happy Birthday!!! xoxo 🙂 And yes, more celebrations to come in March!!!

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