Alert: New Phish fan, at 29


Ok first, I know I’m only 29 for less than a week, but I’m milking it.

In the hubbub of the holidays, I realized I never posted about how we saw Phish!!  On Dec. 28.  At Madison Square Garden.  First row.  Like how I left that part for last?

Anyway, a friend of Arion’s emailed on Wednesday and said, “Hey, I don’t know if you’ve heard of this band called Phish, but I have corporate box tickets to tonight’s show if you want to go.  No pressure”.

NOTE: Arion LOVES Phish.  I mean LOVES.  He even followed them on tour.  And went to the NYE concert at MSG in 2002.  He’s probably been to more than 25 shows.

I wasn’t there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Arion didn’t even blinked before he wrote back a big fat “YES PLEASE”.

Now, I’ll admit.  I don’t know any Phish songs.  I haven’t been to a single concert.  But I do love concerts and the sound of my hubs voice when this opportunity fell in his lap.  So off we went.

Verdict: Phish is AMAZING.  No one opened for them.  Why?  Because they don’t need a single fly to help warm up the crowd.  These people were ready with every ounce of their bodies.

We did arrive differently than Arion has in the past, without lines, without the crowds, and through a backdoor.  We were escorted to our private corporate suite where there were snacks and drinks.  Free ones.  Then, about 10 minutes before Phish was going to be coming on stage, we were told to head out to our seats.  I think Arion almost passed out.  They were the first row after the floor seats.  No joke.  This was our view:

They played 2, 1.5 hour sets, with an itty bitty break in between.  We danced without stopping the entire time.  And I’ve never seen such pure glee on my husbands face.  That boy was having an incredible time.  So thanks to our friends for inviting us to such a rocking time.  It was awesome.

And since I can only be nice when it comes to cookies, some more photos.




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  1. Those seats are insane. Great post Heather. I felt like I was there. I know how happy Arion was and it sounds like you were too!

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