Table Topics of 2012


This year we headed to a new destination with friends to ring in the new year.  The location: Beautiful Lake House just outside of Geneva, WI.  The company: Our dear friends (and newlyweds) Karen and Kete.  The food: Prepared by Kete’s sister, Jill, and her husband, Luigi – straight from Italy deliciousness. The result: a very memorable NYE weekend.

We arrived late Thursday night to made-from-scratch chicken noodle soup and snacks (you will see that this homemade business is a trend – so is snacking).

Friday morning we headed to a private yoga session for our crew, followed by lunch of homemade sloppy joes and the best tea I’ve ever had: Good Earth, Sweet and Spicy (I drank cups of this tea one after the other for the remainder of the trip).  Friday afternoon we relaxed, napped, read, did a puzzle, and played a pretty intense game of Monopoly.  Has anyone ever finished a game of Monopoly?  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it.  LONGEST.GAME.EVER.  For dinner, risotto amazingness.  I also was guided into the world of Table Topics.  I know, it sounds odd and intrusive, but these things were awesome.  I think Karen and I sat by the fire for at least an hour each day talking about life favorites, goals, memories, etc.  I know what you’re thinking… we’re party animals.  And you’re right.  But all joking aside, it led us straight into a grateful place when we entered the new year and that is priceless.

Saturday we had our second private yoga session, following by brunch at Simple and then more of the same from the day before, except this time we prepared for 2012!  This included an amazing dinner of beet soup, polenta with balsamic sautéed mushrooms and/or ragu (again, freaking HOMEMADE), and pumpkin pie.  To ring in the new year, we brought our champagne in solo cups (RED SOLO CUP! anyone?  Glee?  no? ok. moving on.) down to the dock to send our wishes for 2012 out in a glowing lantern.  We wanted to do a bunch of them, but with a windy night and trees to our back, we decided we didn’t want a forest fire on our hands.  It was so special and awesome.  Lanterns rock, if you didn’t know.  And so does champagne.

Sunday we slept in, had a big egg breakfast and then walked around the town of Lake Geneva and saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie (disappointing except for the fact that the hippie girl in it is the same actress who plays Lisbeth in the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movies).

Monday we had another delicious breakfast and then flew back to NYC.  Such a great weekend with the best company.  YAY!!

I should also mention the cheese.  We were in Wisconsin, remember?  And they have cheese curd.  And it’s delicious.  Dear Wisconsin, please start selling cheese curd in NYC.  Thanks, CHEESE LOVER.

Ok, enough jibber jabber, some photos to round out the post (courtesy of Karen).

IMG_1250 IMG_1256

IMG_1269 IMG_1260

IMG_1280 IMG_1285

And a special thanks to Karen, Kete, Jill, and Luigi for welcoming us to their home to celebrate a new year.  It was fantastic!



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