Caution: You’re Going to be really really jealous…


Let’s start with this to get the green monster of jealousy rolling…

And direct your grumblings elsewhere, because I’m still daydreaming and refuse to let you ruin it!

Last Wednesday, I woke up at 4:45am for my husband.  You may ask what on EARTH would prompt me to do so? A surprise vacation, that’s what.  So, off to the airport we went, with my bag packed with “beach things”.  As we approached security, Arion (who I will refer to as the best husband in the world from now on) handed me my boarding pass to Vieques!!!  It’s an island off of Puerto Rico and has been on our vacation bucket list for quite some time.  To make things even more amazing, we were upgraded to first class for our flight down.  Now do you see how 4:45am is worth it????  Surprise vacations ROCK.


We landed in San Juan and headed to our little puddle jumper to get to Vieques – and I mean itty bitty.  Arion sat as co-pilot!!


15-16 minutes later, we were headed to the W Hotel.  And those wild horses they talk about on the island – they are everywhere.

We checked into our suite (upgrade, upgrade!) and checked out our view.

I then proceeded to lay on every snuggle-like chair/lounge/ottoman in our room, before heading straight to the double infinity pools for lunch.  Again, a terrible view.

After a very busy day of doing a whole lot of nothing, we headed out to kayak the Bioluminescent Bay.  From the website: This unique bay contains up to 720,000 single-celled bioluminescent dinoflagellates per gallon of water. These half-plant, half-animal organisms emit a flash of bluish light when agitated at night. The high concentration of these creatures (Pyrodimium bahamense) can create enough light to read a book from.  In short, when you touched the water, it glowed.  It was awesome, but unfortunately couldn’t be captured on our camera.  It rained that night, which normally would be sad on a beach vaca, but since each water droplet glowed when it hit the bay, it was incredible.


The next day went like this.  Eat, stare at ocean, read, swim, repeat.

Friday, we woke up to a rainbow and horses Smile


Arion had planned an excursion for the day, so we jumped in our Jeep Wrangler and headed off the resort.

We drove for a few minutes until we found a beach with only one parking spot.  I don’t mean just one parking spot left, I mean there was only room for one car.

Which means that this was the view to our left:

And Arion’s view to our right:

It was a rough day, being on a private beach and all, so here are a few extra photos…

We followed up the perfect day (this is perfect day #3 if you’re keeping count) with the most amazing dinner, EVER, at a place called Bili.  Just trust me that I had the best Paella of my life.  I may never eat Paella again after hitting that high note.

Saturday and Sunday were more of the same = nothing.  Oh wait, on Saturday we did break for an hour to get a facial (me) and massage (Arion).  It’s tough to hear, I know, but you’re almost finished.

And then we had to leave.  And come back to freaking freezing weather and sirens and cabs and evil.  You get the idea.  Vacation is awesome.  Leaving vacation is just  mean.


When can I start counting down to Vietnam??



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