Thanksgiving Play-by-Play


This year, I didn’t take a single photo on my camera, so Thanksgiving will be brought to you by bullets and iPhone photos – Enjoy!

  • Arion ran the Philadelphia Turkey Trot on Thursday (5 miles in 35 minutes – AMAZING!) with his Uncle Michael and cousin David (who came in first overall at 24:25 – yea, he’s one of those ACTUAL runners and also writes a hysterical blog)photo[1]
  • We then proceed to eat WAY too much delicious food. all. day.
  • I made my mom’s famous Sweet Potato Pie…. and drank wine.


  • Friday, we enjoyed the gorgeous weather (read: boys went for a bike ride, my MIL and I went to get Pedi’s)
  • We also played scrabble (you’re reading the words of the reigning champion!!)


  • We came back to the city Friday night and picked up some sandwiches of the healthy variety and caught up on Modern Family, Parenthood, and Glee
  • Saturday we had brunch at Mumbles and then met our friend from DC, Chris, at the Bryant Park holiday shops (3rd year in a row!)
  • Thai food from Spice and the movie, Limitless, followed (v. good – bonus: Bradley Cooper is freaking HOT, especially when he speaks French)
  • Sunday we had brunch at an easy favorite, Le Pain Quotidien, followed by 4 hours of trying to find a pair of freaking plain black leggings that aren’t $50
  • Leggings found at UNIQLO…. get home to find out they’re see-thru and non-returnable.  Awesome.
  • Sunday night: Fatties on the Couch

And there you have it – Thanksgiving.  A thank-you to Barbara and Richard for providing good food, a new comfy bed, funny company, and challenging scrabble competition!

Also, I want to give a shout-out to my amazing sis, Melissa, who hosted Thanksgiving in CO this year at her house for the first time.  Go Melissa!!!

Next year in CO!!



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