When you need a reason to love NYC


Go to a taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

It’s really that simple.

A few girlfriends and I went last night and had the best time!  I have to give a shout-out thank you to Karen, who was able to get VIP tickets for us.  She’s the best, right?

The show will air this Thursday, 11/17, and if you’re lucky you’ll get to see at the end where Mr. Fallon high-fives me.  I’m never washing my left hand again.

In less stalker-like news, the crowd warmer was comedian Seth Herzog, whose monologue led to crying with laughter even before Jimmy came out.  He was hysterical while dancing with the tuba player and making up moves for each decade/genre of music.  Even the camera crew was dying.  It was awesome.  Oh and he took his shirt off.  SAH-WEET.

Anywho, the show’s live band is The Roots, who kept us dancing the entire show.  Funny how commercials ROCK when you get to watch Jimmy joke around and listen to great music, instead of watching advertisements.  Win for late night tapings!!

So even though we had the band and Jimmy and really didn’t need anything else… there were also two guests:

Bill Maher


Ashley Greene

As embarrassing as it is, I LOVE Twilight.  So seeing Alice… I mean, Ashley… , was pretty freaking cool.  Especially with Breaking Dawn coming out this weekend.

That’s all for now – just a big nudge to go to a taping if you live in NYC, or are visiting.  It won’t disappoint.

P.S. If you do watch on Thursday, you’ll get to see Dierks Bentley perform, too.  SO COOL.



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