Jaunt to Scottsdale, Arizona (and an update on Katniss!!)


That’s right. The trailer is out for The Hunger Game movie. I’m dying.

See for yourself (thanks Brett!):


————— Now on to our visit to AZ —————

This past weekend we visited Grandma Ruth in Arizona and it was wonderful.  She’s also now subscribed to my blog, so a big shout out to Grandma Ruth – HI GRANDMA!!

What we did:

  • We started off on the plane at 7am (sleepy wife) on Friday morning and passed the time with a Sons of Anarchy marathon

  • We spent the rest of the day at the Desert Botanical Garden during a Chiles and Chocolate event.  We had Chicken Mole’, Green Chili, and an assortment of chocolate from local vendors – it was even more delicious than it sounds

  • The first day ended off perfectly with me beating both Grandma Ruth AND Arion at Scrabble while eating Grandma’s famous cookies – that will go in the memory books for a lifetime


  • Saturday we had breakfast at home and then went to Grandma’s brain exercise class: 7 Steps to Boost Memory.  It was a really interesting session about the brain and exercises to do to improve your memory.  I took notes.
  • After lunch at the café, we headed on a hike in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve Trails

  • Grandma is quite the hiker and wore us out, so we went back to take a nap
  • Saturday night we ate in the dining room, which was extra special.  You get a soup, salad, app, entrée, vegetable, and dessert!  It was over the top delicious, plus it was fun to get dressed up and have a fancy dinner.
  • We came back to play Scrabble again and Grandma, admitting that she was tired the night before, proceeded to school both Arion and me – but we all remember, as it’s documented above, I beat her once!!
  • Sunday morning we played ping pong; and when I say played ping pong, I mean got beaten by Grandma Ruth and all of her friends.  They are seriously good.
  • After sweating it out, we went to brunch!  Just like dinner the night before, it was a limitless amount of food.  Happy Hubs.
  • Following eating our weight in delicious food, we lounged outside in the sun and read a bit before having to head to the airport
  • Overall, it was a wonderful mini-vacation!

Grandma Ruth, we miss you already and are so grateful to have spent that time together.  We love you!!



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