Friendship Is… Showing up


Funny Friendship Ecard: I have something extremely unimportant to tell you ASAP.

I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship lately and what it means.  Specifically, what it means to me.

I keep coming back to the same two words – show up.

Showing up can be literal, like charging through thundersnow because you know that someone put in a lot of effort for their guests.  Or it can be more subtle.  Like listening.  Or surprising someone with anything, just because.  Or even realizing you haven’t shown up in a while and making an immediate change because the people around you deserve it.

Because they show up for you.

Showing up isn’t even something that has to happen every day.  I just has to happen.

My husband and I like to say that a relationship is NOT 50/50. It’s actually 100/100. Because sometimes when you can’t give even 50, the other person needs to be there to pick up the slack. And if you always come prepared to give 100, well things can only go up from there.

Anyway, one of my favorite blogs, Enjoying the Small Things, often writes about embracing life. Even when it gives you something you weren’t expecting, or when you’re homesick, or excited, or lonely, or content. Embrace your life. And most importantly, embrace those that show up for you – and be someone who can say that they do, too.  Oh and read that blog.  It will inspire you.

Of course, sometimes I’m guilty of falling 10 feet short of showing up and not even realizing it.

So today, I’d like to thank everyone in my life for showing up for me.  For supporting me.  For laughing with (at) me.  For shopping with me.  For appreciating that I know every word to every 90s song (rap, country, slow jam, you name it, I know it).  For including me in special life events.  For encouraging me.  For loving my cats (or not judging me for how much I love them).  For dancing on bars with me.  For eating Mexican food with me for the bazillionth time.  For letting me know when I’m not showing up…  and then for forgiving me.  And for just plain loving me.


So I challenge everyone reading this to show up for someone else today.  Write a letter, a real one, that requires a stamp.  Or schedule time when you both can show up together and enjoy the lucky gift of true friendship.  Or bring someone their favorite candy when they’re having a crummy day, or their best day!  Because I think that showing up is contagious and maybe if we all just show up a little more…

Oh and a special shout out to two people.  The two people who taught me everything I know about showing up.  The two people that have shown up for me, every day of my life.


Love you, mom and dad (holy moly, I’m crying as a write a blog post)

SHOW UP.  The end.



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