Happy 30th, Sandy!!!


So, apparently, it’s true.. in our old age, we are slower.  Hence, this blog post going up today even though Sandra celebrated this milestone LAST Sunday, the 23rd.

Sandy and I go way back.  Like back to a different continent back, when Sandy and I were randomly placed together as roomies on good ‘ole Coogee Bay Road in Sydney, Australia, back in the fall of 2002 (if you now realize why my cat is named, Coogee, good job smarty-pants).

Anyway, I wanted to take some time out of your productive work day to reflect on my friendship with Sandy.  Sandy is, well, awesome.  We became instant friends at 3am on our first night in Oz, when we couldn’t sleep because of the jetlag.  Our friendship then continued to grow over dancing, Mexican food, sailing trips, wine, skydiving, and much much more.  We traveled every weekend to somewhere new and have continued that tradition in the form of trying new restaurants in NYC every chance we get.  We returned from 6 months in paradise and visited each other at school, then in CT, NYC, Boston, CO, and back to NYC.  It’s awesome living in the same city and I always looks forward to our dinners and/or shopping sprees together.  I’m one lucky lady to have a friend like Sandy and look forward to making many more memories together!  Oh, and someday, we’re taking our fellas back to Aussie to show them where it all began.

So, Happy Birthday, Sands – Love you lots!!!

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