Belated Engage-iversary


I suppose I will blame my belated blogging of this on an 9-day-long fever.  Yes, that sounds about right as far as excuses go.  9 freaking days.

Anyway, now that I’ve upgraded from all-day fever-dom, to only in experiencing the joy in the evenings, it’s time to write a sappy post about the day that hubs got all romantic on me and got on one knee on the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was three years ago, on October 25, that I blacked-out from pure excitement.  I seriously don’t remember a word he said, but he told me afterwards, because he’s great like that.


I’m going to re-tell the story now, because honestly, hubs deserves to get credit for this amazing-ness at LEAST once a year (but really, every day – because it was the best proposal in the history of all proposals, ever – not that I’m biased).

Earlier that month, Arion told me about plans to take a walking tour of the Brooklyn Bridge (my favorite place in the entire city).  Little did I know, Arion had arranged for this to be a private tour.  We did half of the tour before arriving at the second set of pillars on the Brooklyn side of the bridge.  Here the guide explained the story of the bridge’s chief engineer whose dedication to the project led to a stroke and paralysis on the right side of his body.  His wife became his “right hand woman” and “pillar of strength”, as she set up an apartment overlooking the bridge, so he could watch as she completed the construction of his dream.  The guide went on to say that this is where Miranda and Steve reunite in the Sex and the City movie (Arion’s cue)… continuing with, “This is also where Arion proposed to Heather”… I turned around in shock to find Arion already on one knee with the ring box open.  I fell into him, crying and screaming, and at some point after the hyperventilation had subsided, said YES!


And that’s how it happened that I decided to stay with this guy forever.


Man, I just love him.

Happy engage-iversary, Hubs!  (sorry about the photo, I couldn’t help it)


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