Prepared? Not so much.


What wasn’t I prepared for?  This gorgeous and adorable mother-to-be.


Seriously, can you even handle it???  She looks unbelievably amazing.

To back up a bit, we headed down to PA this past weekend to help Bana and Matt celebrate their upcoming arrival, baby boy Nugget.  Bana is truly loved and it was made even more obvious by the shower that was put on by her mom and friends.  Every detail was cared for including delicious food, games, future wishes for the baby, lots of presents that made my ovaries dance, and a scrumptious cake.  The cake was red velvet though and poor emotional mama got a little teary when she cut into the rocking-horse and it appeared to be bleeding.



Not to brag, but I TOTALLY won Baby Bingo and also feel like Lisa and I had quite the awesome bundle of gifts.  The star being a Motorcycle Diaper Cake, which was especially made for Nugget.  It has a travelling theme, since before he’s even 6 months old, he’ll be a world traveler.  We also incorporated Army colors for the dad-to-be, as if he wasn’t already excited enough due to his love and ownership of his own real-life motorcycle.  And it wouldn’t be right unless I gave the designer credit, Bitty Bambino from Etsy.  She was easy to work with and created exactly what we were hoping for.

diapercake1 diapercake2

There was a lot of belly petting and groping going on all weekend and even some forced orange juice drinking, to try to get some kicking, but Nugget was fast asleep.  So for some more aw’s, here are some more snuggling photos.  I still can’t get over that one of my most important people will be a mom come December, I’m a really really proud and excited Aunt.


More to come, especially when Nugget decides to arrive, as I’m basically considering moving to Baltimore so I don’t miss anything (Hubs, you’re ok with that, right?).

Congrats Bana and Matt – we love you beyond words and can’t wait to welcome this little bundle into the world with all of the love that he truly deserves (Bana, get a tissue already, jeez!).


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  1. I can’t even stand to take the diaper cake apart because it’s so cute! Good thing we have a few more weeks until the little guy arrives! Love love love.

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