Travel Update: Pigs are seen in the sky…


I booked a flight without a PLAN.  You can get off of the floor now.  We booked our flights to Vietnam!  Normally, I have a detailed itinerary and color-coded spreadsheet before this happens, but this time something else happened.  We had a chance to use our miles to get on this plane:


And sit in these seats.


FOR FREE.  I guess Tulsa does have it’s perks after all Winking smile.

For those of you who aren’t plane crazy like my husband, this is the NEW A380 on Singapore Airlines.  Those seats are located on the 2nd floor.  I KNOW!!

And what’s even better?!? (how can it get any better you gasp!?) On our way home, we somehow finagled a 36-hour stop in Frankfurt.  All you Nugget-stalkers already know what this means.  We’ll be stopping on our way home to spend some time with Bana, Matt, and Nugget!!!  So after a rejuvenating and already mind-blowing vacation, we’re going to get abroad time with some of our favorites.  Now how’s that for a vacation!?!  Oh, you’re still hung up on the fact that I said I hadn’t done any planning.  Sorry.  I couldn’t exactly do NOTHING.  I mean, come on.  I’m still me, after all.  And this is Nugget we’re talking about.  Exception granted.

So, since I’m a paranoid freak that someone will know that we’re out of town and come and steal our precious and rare fat cats (stop laughing), I won’t tell you the dates.  I will tell you that it will be awesome and as we now go through a normal-person’s process of planning a vacation, I’ll keep you updated on this bloggidy-blog.  So, don’t run away.  There will be more on this blog than Wes and Cats over the coming months (but there will still be Wes and Cats, don’t worry, Mom).

So if you have any suggestions on what we should do while we’re there for 17 days, please comment, email, sky-write, etc.

We’re SO excited.  Funny how something fancy and new and shiny can make you forget about the 22 hours that you’ll be trapped inside of it.



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