Mud, lots of Mud


I am a runner?  Definitely not.  But did I have an absolute BLAST with my mud run crew on Sunday? Abso-freaking-lutely.  Sunday, Oct. 2, a group of awesome participated in the Merrill Down and Dirty Mud Run.  We decided to do the 5k (read back to that whole NOT a runner thing) and it was super awesome and fun.  First there was a ladder wall, then a seriously low (and muddy) crawl, followed by tunnels, a cargo climb, a mud pit, some low hurdle walls, and then another mud pit.  The last mud pit was really more like a swimming pool filled with mud.  Literally.  Arion did the backstroke.  Official Merrill photos aren’t posted just yet, but here are a few that we took for some before and after hysteria Winking smile  I highly recommend this race or any of the other mudders when they come visit your city – we plan to do it again next year!!










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