Pointing Fingers


Pointing fingers is exactly what I did all day Saturday.  But first, I took out the hubs for his bday dinner at The Mark Hotel on Friday night, a Jean Georges restaurant.  And it did not disappoint.  We had a romantic dinner that ended with a delicious dessert.

Then the pointing began.  First, for this belly.  We met Andrea and Justin for brunch to celebrate this amazing news.  Andrea looks fabulous and we can’t wait to meet little “poppy-seed” in late-February.

And then for this ring.  Bobby put a ring on it!!  And the next day they had a “house-warming” party (read: party where Heather jumps up and down with Sandy staring at the sparkles).  I am so freaking excited for them.  Weddings ROCK.

After celebrating so many wonderful things we headed to NJ, so we could wake up and go to Philadelphia for the Eagles / Giants home opener.  It was HOT and it was a sad game, but we still had fun.  Here’s a photo of us leaving for the game.


A very busy weekend, with a few of my favorite things… Brides, Babies, and Brunch.  New blog name perhaps?

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  1. A few things:
    1. You are so stinkin’ cute. I am LOVING the glasses lately.
    2. Congrats to Sandy – how exciting!
    3. Your seats to that game were unbelievable. How on earth did you pull that off?
    4. I get to see you in less than 3 weeks and pointing will be on the to do list!
    LOVE xo

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