23 Years After I First Met Kerri


She walked down the aisle with a glow that has always been shining over her head.  For my readers who know Kerri, you’ll agree that she is pure wonderfulness.  Always so positive and energetic and a joy to be around.  So to be able to celebrate as she got married last weekend to Jon, was a real treat.  From singing “Happy Together” to the couple at the bedeken, to listening to a beautiful melody of the bridal party as she walked down the aisle, it was just another moment in our friendship that I will cherish always.  Kerri and Jon, I am overjoyed for you two and hope you’re having an amazing time in Brazil.  Love you both immensely.

Now this also means that I was in CO last weekend 😀

So, you lucky folks get the pleasure of a photo-dump of none other than my favorite nephew, Wes.

Here we go!

First, the little munchkin surprised me at the airport with his mom (my sis) with my mom and insisted on carrying my luggage to the car.

And then we went to the zoo!!


We also snuggled with Gigi and rode bikes!


And then ate a serious amount of edamame!


Wednesday night, I attended my mom’s bookclub.  I read “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” in preparation and it was an awesome night (you can see my review here).  It was basically the same as my bookclub:  loud women, laughing, good discussion, and a lot of wine.

While I was home I also squeezed in time to see the High School crew babies Taylor (Kara and Scott), Jacob (Amy), and Sophie (Devin).  You can see that they are stinkin’ adorable.

Taylor, 3 months

Jacob, 6 months

Sophie, just a couple weeks shy of 1 year

After some necessary shopping, Arion flew in!  Words cannot express how much I love picking him up in front of the fountain at DIA. LOVE.  We went straight to my sister’s for Wes-time and to celebrate Arion’s birthday a little early.


Friday, I went to the bride’s private hot yoga class and it rocked.  Like I said before… Kerri has a lot of love in her life.

And what to do after something so healthy?  Why go to Cherry Cricket, of course!

Followed by a sleepover at Wes’ house.  I may absolutely HATE waking up early, but when a little man jumps onto your bed and says “HI!” and then gives you kisses… well, he can be my alarm clock any day!  Arion and Danny (bro-in-law) also ran in the Oktoberfest 5K downtown, so we had some bratwurst after another healthy activity.  We also were able to see Laurel and Jeff and Murphy (new CO residents)!!  They moved from NYC, to the best place on earth, a few weeks ago and it was really fun to see them in my home town.



Then it was wedding time!!!!! (I cried a lot)



We did many other things (like run/train at altitude for my upcoming 5K), but I decided to just enjoy the moment through my glasses, instead of through my camera lense.

Now off to get ready for surprise date-night, by yours truly, for the hubs birthday!

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