Mandatory Blog-writing?


I think an earthquake in freaking Manhattan calls for just that.  Yes, folks, we experienced a lovely 5.9 (or 5.8, or 6.0, they have been changing it every other news broadcast) earthquake here in NYC this afternoon at 1:52pm.

It was actually pretty bizarre and made my awesome motion-sickness prone self, nauseous.  The cats revolted against the motion even before it began and started an official nascar race back and forth in our apartment until it stopped.  Not very smart when said “waves” helped them collide into walls and doorways, but entertaining for me at least 🙂

So, although CA residents are hysterically laughing at our antics with a baby earthquake, I am still pretty shaken up (yes, it’s a pun, love it and embrace it).

Now, off to get drinks and dinner with Sandy, so at least if it happens again, we’ll be more relaxed and well-fed.


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