Cousins in Cleveland


The title of this post is courtesy of my cousin Amy and her awesome toast at the rehearsal dinner this past weekend for our cousin Kate and Alec’s wedding (run-on sentence much?).  Amy is gaining cousins in Cleveland, which I think is an awesome way to celebrate a marriage.  New cousins!  After all, that’s how I became related to Amy, Cliff, Kate, and Kyra, too 🙂 And they are some FABULOUS cousins.

Anyway, back to the wedding.  Now, everyone knows that I go gaga over any/all wedding related activities.  I just love them.  So spending a weekend in VT with some really fun extended family was just the cherry on top.

We drove up Thursday night and spent a long weekend at Lake Morey Resort, which included kayaking, bike-riding, water-skiing, water-tubing, relaxing, and eating.  Now add that to wedding festivities and you’ve got yourself a happy Heather.

The bride, Kate, was absolutely exquisite.  And Alec, well I love him, too.  Congrats you two – so happy and excited for you!!

And now for the photos!!

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  1. That looks like quite the fun weekend babe! 🙂

    P.S. Those are the BM dresses my BFF chose for her wedding in October, except in green!

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