Hamptons Escape


For the past 5 years, a group of us have traveled from NYC, DC, and Phili to Westhampton to enjoy a long weekend of relaxation and delicious food.  This year was no different and, as always, the McGuinn’s were generous hosts.  Katie, a future McGuinn in Sept. 2012, proved to be an amazing chef once again with Greek Frittatas, Beef Tenderloin, Grilled Swordfish, and pies galore.  We essentially managed our time by the pool/beach to fit perfectly around these gourmet meals.  And we were successful.

Arion and I arrived late Thursday night after I rolled up in a car service to get him from his inbound flight from Tulsa (not as fancy as it sounds, but I did get some good Indian restaurant recommendations from our driver).  We were welcomed by the hosts, Chris and Katie, and our friends Adam and Alison (newly engaged!!!), Arturo, and Mike.  And the weekend began.  Friday we all set up shop to work the day away as we always do, but it’s agreed that arriving on Thursday without suffering through Friday afternoon traffic is MUCH better.

And now for some photos, which we never take enough of.  I suppose it’s because we’re too busy enjoying each other’s company, but I always wish I had more of them.

The magic screen-door.

Juiceboxes are AMAZING.

Until next year!!!


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