On the Homefront


First, Happy Birthday to my bro-in-law, Danny!!!

Now, the most recent happenings, in photos.

Wednesday, I had dinner with the newest bride-to-be, Lauren.  Giddy girls over Margaritas and Mexican food, makes for a wonderful 3-hour meal.  Congrats Lauren (yes, she actually reads my blog!! WOO HOO)!!!

On Friday, Arion and I headed to a going away party for the most hysterical couple we know.. Laurel and Jeff.  They are moving to.. wait for it.. CO!!!  They don’t have any connections there (CO peeps, be friendly to your new neighbors!), but decided they needed a change from NYC and decided on my glorious home-state as their destination.  As you can imagine, I am extremely jealous, but also thrilled for their new adventure.  Good luck on the move!!

Saturday night, we headed to the Hudson River to have a gourmet picnic with future newlyweds, Karen and Kete.  Karen made a delicious meal and we watched the sunset on the water.  It was a perfect evening.  They are getting married on the island of Mustique in August and although we WISH we could be there, it didn’t work out (sadness).  We’ll be thinking of them from NYC and will celebrate when they return.  Love you two.. Happy Wedding!!

Sunday we spent a relaxing day in Central Park with our friend Stuart, the bro Brett, and our cousin Amy.  It was a gorgeous / hot day filled with watermelon and sweating.

After a great day in the park, Brett convinced us to join his kickball game.  The Robbins dream team of Arion, Brett, me, and Amy (honorary Robbins) kicked some serious tush and had a blast.  Maybe Arion and I will sign up for the league in the fall????  (stop laughing).  It was truly that awesome.

So that’s what happened over the past week (that I captured on my camera).  Much more to come next week as I’m headed to CO for my mom’s 60th bday to smother my nephew with love.  Enjoy the heat!


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