The Vineyard


This past weekend, we jumped on a train last minute to head to Martha’s Vineyard.  Arion’s boss invited us to join him and his family at their vacation home and we gladly accepted.  After train and ferry (confirmed: I still get seasick), we arrived in heaven.

When we arrived we were also starving, which led us to a seafood shanty right on the water for authentic fish and chips and a lobster roll.  DE.LI.CIOUS.

Friday afternoon we relaxed and enjoyed the sunny weather and had a delicious bbq meal of swordfish, pasta, and wine.

Saturday morning, we headed straight for the Chappaquiddick Beach Club.  It’s a short (literally, 2 minute) ferry ride across from Edgartown; gorgeous.

After an awesome day at the beach, we came “home”, showered, and headed out to dinner.  I wish I remembered the name of the restaurant because it was awesome.

Saturday was spent at the beach and Sunday, touring the island (which I somehow didn’t take any pictures of).  And during our tour Sunday, we ran into Larry David.  I seriously wanted to bother him and run up waving my arms screaming “I was in the pool” or “Get OUT!” or “Seinfeld, party of 4”, but I didn’t.  I just giggled and we kept on walking.

Monday, you guessed it.. beach again!

Followed by the local parade and then back to the beach club for the clam bake.  Here’s Arion and I in our festive 4th of July gear.

And a shot with our gracious hosts for the weekend.

While at the beach club, the Vineyard Sound acapella group came by to serenade the guests.  They are sponsored by Vineyard Vines, which I think is hysterical, but since I have a school-girl LOVE for anything acapella I made sure to get a picture with the group.

Oh, and then there was a sunset.

And a clam bake wouldn’t be complete without mussels, clams, and lobster.  MM MM Good.

Tuesday morning, we headed back to the ferry to say goodbye to a weekend of gorgeous weather and return to NYC.

And that concludes your tour of our weekend through pictures, hope you enjoyed (mom!).

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