A Tree Grows in NJ


This past weekend all of the Robbins gathered in Cherry Hill, NJ to celebrate this special young lady…

And aside from swimming and eating all day, the siblings took an obligatory photo:

And I snuggled with Grandma Ruth (and a Blue Moon – sorry Brett, I didn’t “HIDE THE BEER”).

Then, on Father’s Day, we (read: Arion) planted a tree.Ā  The kids had promised Barbara for Mother’s Day that we would do just that and we weren’t going to disappoint.Ā  So, my rugged hubs dug the giant hole, while lil bro supervised, and then I watered.Ā  I’m quite the gardening enthusiast in case you didn’t realize šŸ˜‰

And once it was complete, we took the annual Robbins Family Reunion photo in front of our accomplishment.

And then a photo with the gift-givers.

And then a million more photos in the hot/brutal sun, that I will not post šŸ™‚

Afterwards, we said our goodbyes, for an hour, like any loving family would do and headed back to NYC.

Thanks for hosting such a wonderful and relaxing weekend, Barbara and Richard!!

And congrats again, lil sis!!!


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