Last Weeks Catch Up


It all started with a Friday evening stroll on the High Line with Sandy, followed by dinner at the most delicious, Mercadito Grove.

Monday afternoon, Melissa arrived for a 48-hour business trip!!!  Since she came in a few hours early because she misses me so much, we had a late lunch at one of our favorites in soho, Cafe Habana, and then braced ourselves for a few hours of shopping.  Afterwards, we met our cousins Andrew and Lauren for dinner at Poke (our dear friend Meiki joined, as well).  A debaucherous night ensued, but I’ll spare the details on that part to save myself from internet humiliation.

This past Friday, the hubs and I headed to Zengo to say farewell to our friend Heather, who is moving back to Pittsburgh to be with her family.  She will be greatly missed, but has plans to head back this way for work quite a bit, so we’ll get to see her often!!

Saturday morning I had the pleasure of brunching (I guess I seriously do this a lot) with Kendra!!!!  Her and her bf Jason were in town for a visit and Kendra and I were even able to squeeze in a little one-on-one time – YAY!!  I took her to The Smith for brunch.. mm mm good.

After brunch we both had some work to do (blech), so we parted ways in the rain.. it was very dramatic 😉  Later that evening, the 4 of us met up again to have dinner at Arion and I’s favorite Italian place in the city.. Max.  Seriously the most delicious homemade pasta, ever.  Well, except for Italy, but NYC can’t even try to compete with that.  With full belly’s we headed out for a drinky or two and then departed again dramatically, in the rain.

So, that’s that, folks.  Of course there were many other happenings in the past week, but I didn’t photograph them… so I won’t bother you with more words.

Happy Monday (or something)!!!

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