12 Years Ago I Played That Song…


That’s right folks, one of the perks of being in band in high school (yes, I said perks), aside from it giving you the reputation of being totally awesome, was playing the graduation theme song every year at graduation.  It’s about 5 bars of the same thing.. over and over and over again.  So as you can imagine, I was unexpectedly nostalgic yesterday at my little cousin’s graduation from high school – I even told my cousin sitting next to me all about it (for the record, he didn’t think I was cool, but gave me a nice side hug).

Anyway, it was really exciting to sit with my over-the-moon proud grandparents as we watched Lauren receive her high school diploma.  I was flooded with memories of how amazing that day felt and what a beginning it truly was.

To celebrate we went to The Mark Hotel afterwards and dined in Jean-Georges restaurant.  DE-LI-CIOUS.

And no post would be complete without photos to document this happy occasion!  Congrats again, Lauren!  Love you a lot 🙂

Waiting for Lauren to come down the aisle with cousin Andrew

The Graduate!

Happy Congrats with Lauren!

The Family – Me, Grandma, Andrew, Uncle David, Lauren, Aunt Susan, and Grandpa!!



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