Theta Brunch (apparently all I do is brunch?)


Over Memorial Day weekend, the girls got together for a delicious brunch at The Place in the west village.  I’m always grateful for these get-togethers, not only because these are some of my most favorite ladies, but also because we manage to do it on a pretty regular basis, even when our home addresses span from NYC, to Rochester, to Baltimore.

We had a lot to celebrate with Matt graduating from JAG Law School, G being back in NY for the summer from grad school in CO, and Arion being back from Tulsa for more than 48 hours.

So after a delicious (but HOT) brunch – apparently hard to get into restaurants don’t reward you with A/C – we had a few sad goodbyes to Lisa and G who had to head out on their 6-hour drive back home and to Megten who had to head back to work (yes, on a Sunday, poor thing). 

And I won’t let anyone flee without a group shot (whether the boys like it or not!)

Afterwards, Bana, Matt, the hubs and I, headed to the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met and then spent the rest of the day meandering around Central Park.  It’s always hard to say goodbye, but we were forced to put Bana and Matt in a cab off to Penn Station and then head home to relax after a wonderful day with amazing friends.

Love you ladies and can’t wait for our next date on the calendar 😉



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  1. It was beyond wonderful seeing your gorgeous face this Sunday! I hope you are feeling better too! Can’t wait until next time – so much love! xo

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