Shabbat Dinner in NYC


Almost every time I go home to visit CO, my dearest cousin Mimi has the entire family (almost 20 people) over for Shabbat dinner.  So, when she told me she was surprising her daughter, Sophie, with a trip to NYC for her 10th birthday, it was the least I could do to return the favor.

We had a wonderful time together just the 4 of us and I was so thankful we could be together for Shabbat.  It was like a little piece of home came to bring me love in NYC 🙂

Menu: Pita Chips with Hummus and Tzatziki, Spinach Salad with chickpeas / peppers / sunflower seeds, Farfelle pasta with olive oil, garlic, asparagus and pine nuts, Garlic Bread, and Dark Chocolate Brownies.  Oh, and wine, clearly.

Lots of love to Mimi and Sophie!!



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