Unfortunately, this is NOT something I’ve been doing lately.  For whatever reason, once illness struck in February, I haven’t had the drive to read.  This could be because while I was feeling icky, the thought of reading made me nauseous, but also, magazines have flooded by mailbox!  Specifically Martha Stewart Living.  MSL, you have been the death of the novel in 2011.  I’m hoping our upcoming vacation will kick the kindle bug back into gear and I’ll make up for lost time, but who knows.  So I’m reaching out to the blog-world (aka my 5 readers) for inspiration to get my nose back in a book electronic device of amazingness.



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  1. I know what you mean! After I get through People, Food Network Magazine, Bon Appetit and US Weekly there is no time left. But ask me about who wore what on the red carpet or what to make for dinner, I’ll know the answer ha! I think my brain is turning into mush 😉

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