5 Years Ago, Today…


5 years ago, today, at Keats Karaoke Bar, and after a yummy meal of Mexican food at El Rio Grande, a cute boy (the hubs) walked up to an adorable girl (that’s ME) after she had just finished singing AC/DC’s Shook Me All Night Long.  That’s right, I’m real classy (I blame it on the margaritas).  They chatted and hit it off and exchanged numbers.  Three days later, cue a conversation between said cute boy and their mutual friend, Jake:

Cute Boy: So, should I call your really awesome friend, Heather?

Jake: Yes

Cute Boy: But I was planning to move to NYC and be single and awesome

Jake: I’ve done it and it’s not worth it – and you won’t find anyone better than her.

Cute Boy: Done! Thanks Buddy.

Cute boy (who is, in fact, the most awesome) hangs up and dial’s adorable girls’ number and leaves a very smooth message.  Adorable girl calls back…. and they have spoken every day since (1,825 to be exact).

Love you hubs and Happy Anniversary 🙂

May 24, 2006



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  1. So cute! Yesterday, March 23rd, was the 6th anniversary of my first date with my husband and we’ve been inseparable since then as well! 🙂

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