3 weeks until a 15,000 ft. pass…


I guess I should go to the gym, even though i’m lazy it’s raining.

The Machu Picchu countdown is upon us.  Of course, as with any vacation, I’ve been counting down since the day we booked it (and since I’m a crazy planner, that happened 8 months ago).  But it’s real now.  In just a few weeks, Arion and I will be hiking the Salkantay Trail for 6 days, until we reach the famous Incan Ruins.  In that time, we’ll even hike over a 15,000 foot pass.  I know what you’re thinking – Heather hikes?  Well, yes, through marriage.  It’s true that I’ve always enjoyed the scenic hike (I am from CO after all), but it wasn’t until I met my dear husband that it became an activity of choice.  This hike still tops everything we’ve done so far (together.. Arion has definitely done more on several occasions), but I’m excited for the challenge and the scenery, and the 5-star lodging along the way (you can’t change who I am completely).

Mountain Lodges of Peru will guide us there safely and the donkeys of said company, will make sure our clothes follow along, too.

Now back to the reason for this post… I need to go to the gym today, even though it’s raining, and I figured putting it in print will help make it a reality.  So blog world, I’m going to the gym today. in. the. rain.


p.s. This may be the start of a blog that contains a little more of what I’m thinking instead of just updates, but we’ll see if it catches on 😉


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