CO Visit in March


Warning: Prepare yourself for an entertaining really long post, entirely devoted to my nephew, Wes, who I love more than I ever thought possible  (also included, visits with family and friends… but mostly just my main man).

I arrived Wednesday afternoon for 5 days of pure bliss in CO and was greeted with this face…

If that wasn’t enough, Wes informed me that we were having pizza in his sweet little voice and then we read stories of Elmo:

We even played some pre-bedtime hoops! (Wes is quite the dunk-master)

The next day was spent with mom 🙂 and shopping ensued.  There’s nothing quite like a day with your mom.  I really miss her every day (which may also be why we talk on the phone several times a day and I’m not afraid to admit it!!).  We also met Melissa for lunch – just us girls.  Loved it!!  Thursday night she made one of my favorite dishes from my childhood.. Broccoli Chicken.  Dinner with my parents is so special, especially when it’s over a delicious meal.  After dinner we watched “Taking Pelham 1, 2, 3” – quite good – and snuggled with their kittens.

Friday morning we woke up bright and early to pick up Wes!!  Playdates with him are seriously the best.  He talks non-stop and calls my name (Aunt Uh-Oh) at every turn.  Me = oozing with happiness.  In the afternoon, Wes and I ditched everyone else (they had errands to run) and played outside in the dirt for a few hours.  I am becoming an expert on scoooooping dirt!!  Later on, Wes insisted that Papi play the guitar, which reminds me of when I was little and he would play for Melissa and me… what, I’m teary, leaving me alone – I had the best childhood, ever.

And another close-up of the cuteness…

Saturday we had gym class and then music class!!

Wes REALLY loves tractors, so we went to check one out down the street.

And if this is any indication of Wes following in his aunt’s footsteps and being a band-geek, I’m ALL FOR IT!!

Saturday afternoon I was fortunate enough to be in town to meet Jacob Sean Mackall.  Two of my closest friends from high school welcomed their first son into this world and boy is he perfect.  I was so happy to be able to see them and celebrate this amazing milestone in their life.

Later that night I was able to meet Kendra for dinner!!  We had Mexican (clearly) and chatted for a few hours.  We also really stink at taking pictures when we’re together, so I don’t have anything to show for our visit, except that I miss her more now.  BOO.

Sunday my parents graciously hosted my cousins and all 6 kiddos for brunch!  It was great to catch up and see all of them… it’s always too long in between visits!

Sunday evening we met Melissa, Danny, and Wes for some Thai.  This meant scarfing down some rice in order to just play with Wes around the restaurant while everyone else ate (and I wouldn’t have it any other way).

Monday was another Wes day at Gigi and Papi’s… and also the day I had to say goodbye.  Can you imagine saying goodbye to that face?  Absolute agony… but if it means spending time with him and being together before that… it’s worth every ounce of torture.

Now that I’m back in NYC, it always takes a little while to adjust to being in a city without my parents, sister and her family, and friends.  Until next time… there will be a lot of phone minutes used, Skype time logged, and virtual hugs sent!!



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