Quick Visit with the Hotness


Hotness, also commonly referred to as Lauren, my roomie from the good old days at the ‘Cuse, was in NYC this weekend for a quick visit!!

Lauren’s cousin is currently playing the lead in The Fantasticks on Broadway and her family came in to cheer her on!!  Arion and I will plan to go in the next few weeks, but with my lovely belly lately we couldn’t make it this time.

Anyway!  Lauren and Aaron came by this afternoon to say hello and get in some snuggles!!  Oh how I miss my Lauren and wish we could see each other more often, but so it goes with life and living so far apart.

Here’s the obligatory photo of her visit and although it does not include the usual bar and booty-shaking of our past photos, it’s still wonderful and reminds me how much I love that Hotness to pieces.

And in true reminiscing fashion, I will sign off as H-Diesel..

Love you Laur and SO happy I could see you, even for the all too fitting, hot minute 🙂


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  1. I LOVE YOU!!! Aaron and I had such an amazing time even though it was so short. I love you and Arion very much and think about you all the time. Hope you have an amazing trip and cannot wait to see pics. I love you and always wish we lived closer, that would be the best. MWAH LOVE YOU H-Diesel.

    Love, Hotness

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