20” of snow in 24 hours…


Usually, a blog title like that means skiing, chili, and hot tubs… which it does if your name is not Heather.  If your name is Heather it means not moving because you feel like you might die if you even blink, for 5 days straight.

Of course, it did mean 20”+ of fresh powder overnight, waist-deep powder, and fresh lines for my hubs and his family to enjoy on our Park City vacation 🙂 so, it wasn’t evil for everyone thankfully!!!

Everyone had a great time, which is awesome… and the skiing conditions were epic (or so I heard through ear-to-ear grins and wind-burnt faces).

As you can imagine, I didn’t take any pictures.  Well, I took 3.  The first, the 4 siblings pre-skiing on day 1…  The second, proof that I transformed into robot status and made it to the lodge one day to meet the hubs for lunch like a good little wife.  And the third, the two people to really thank for the vacation (hey, I may have been sick, but I was in a warm bed and not in a cubicle), Barbara and Richard.  Thanks for booking a beautiful house we could all share together and creating some wonderful memories despite my stomach deciding that I am its enemy.

Next year – I think it’ll go back to being a boy’s trip and us ladies will head somewhere warm 😉

Happy Skiing!!


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