Is it really that bad outside?


I was thinking to myself this morning about how gross my commute to work was.. invisible 5” puddles, rain/snow, slush.. and then I remembered where I went to college.

Just a typical day at good old Syracuse University.  And this wasn’t only in January.  This was from late September to April.  In fact, this photo must have been taken in the spring, because there aren’t even snow banks.  And where is all the ice between Newhouse and Schine? Or up the hill towards the Hall of Languages?

NYC, this is nothing.  But that also doesn’t mean I won’t complain about it, considering that I rarely had a class that started before 11 (instead of 8:30 here at work) and an hour and a half later I was able to get back into bed (instead of working 10 hours, commuting home, changing into sweats, etc.).

That 130 inches of snow per winter in Syracuse doesn’t sound so bad now – no wonder I loved college 🙂  Excuse me while I go run down from the mount in just a tube top while it’s blizzarding out, so I can get to Maggie’s for my “screw your sister”.

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