First Annual 29th Birthday


Since the trend has been to wish me my first annual 29th birthday (apparently, I’ll be 29 for several years to come), I figured I’d stick with that on the blog, too.

I had a most excellent birthday week with lots of love and plenty of good times.

The celebration started off the Saturday before, at La Palapa for Mexican food and margaritas (lots of margaritas).  Then we headed to Kush, where my lil bro (in-law) was celebrating his birthday, which is just three days before mine.  He’s 24… yes, I said lil.  So, I added an older crowd to his 30+ fan club and we had an excellent, blurry night!!

Some mid-blog photos!





Sunday, my in-laws and lil sis (in law) came in from NJ to celebrate at Essex for brunch.  We had food and conversation, along with the dreaded wait until noon when Brett and I could nurse our hangovers with a Mimosa and Bloody Mary.  NY State law prohibits the sale of alcohol on Sundays before noon… EVIL.  We spent the afternoon hanging out until I met up with Sandy to see “The Tourist”.  Not the best movie of all time, but Angelina and Johnny aren’t so bad to look at for two hours, either (yes, we’re on a first name basis).

Wednesday, for my actual bday, dearest hubs took me to Fig and Olive where I engulfed a copious amount of cheese and, you guessed it, olive oil.  Delicious.  I also woke up that morning to the Robbins family tradition of the Birthday Fairy.  As a friend summarized, it’s like Christmas on your Birthday.  Basically a chair is decorated especially for you (I get purple streamers, Arion gets red) and is piled with all of the birthday presents and cards that the birthday fairy has collected as they arrived.  Then, we bring everything into bed to open/tear/shriek as everything is admired.  Love this tradition, even if it’s meant to be for kids 🙂

So that’s the birthday – a first annual celebration, but excellent at that and one I’ll always remember.  Especially because I think 29 is going to be AWESOME.


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