Monthly Kittens


I’m not even sure I’ll do this once a month, but I happened to take two ADORABLE photos of our furbabies and wanted to post them for the world to see.

The first is from a morning when I came in to make the bed and was abruptly denied, when I was met with this face on my pillow:

And you never disturb a snuggley Coogee.

The second was while I was diligently going through my dresser to fill 2 ENORMOUS bags to take to goodwill and well, Sadie decided to help:

For my Chi Thetas out there, you’ll recognize some t-shirts (don’t worry, I still can’t part with the coveted army print or the DIE HARD THETA in black and gold)… and the Hard Rock shorts from 2003, yea, I decided to keep those, too.

So, although this post will not motivate you to make your bed, it may highlight some inner-need to go through your clothes and partake in the all-too-necessary cleansing ritual.  For that, I say, good luck, because if you’re anything like me, you tend to form emotional attachments to your clothing and to put them in a bag that will be leaving your home feels like pure torture.  But don’t worry, as my sister once said, “Think of it as if you’re just making room for new clothes!” – and that helps 😉

Have a good day – I have some shopping to do!


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  1. Love it! When I donated bags of clothes, I’m afraid they were all covered in cat hair. My cats love taking naps in bags, suitcases etc. especially on a pile of black clothing.

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