11 Days of Staycation


I was weary of a staycation vs. a passport-required one, but with the last-minute news that both Arion and I had the week off between Christmas and NYE, we pulled out our sweats and embraced the inevitable.  Here’s a day-to-day account of our activities.  You will notice large breaks of time where nothing happened… that’s called a vacation, and it happens on our couch, in sweats, with two kitties to snuggle.  Somehow, with all that “nothing”, this is still a long post, so hang in there!!!

Thursday, Dec. 23: Day one of the staycation involved the discovery of the TV show Outsourced, which morphed into an on-demand marathon of the season.  Then, instead of getting up and doing something, we ordered in from our favorite Thai place, Spice, and spent some additional quality time on the couch.

Friday, Dec. 24: Christmas Eve we made the bold move of leaving the apartment.  After a short visit to feed our friend’s bunny, Rudy (yes, we have a friend who has a bunny), we decided to take the long walk home down the west side and across central park.  It was quiet in the park, which was a welcomed break from the tourist-filled city that we’ve endured for the past few weeks.  I then made a meal from the best cookbook ever, and we went out to see Black Swan (with all the other Jews).  Totally awesome.

Saturday, Dec. 25: Christmas Day – we did nothing.  Brett arrived back from Hong Kong for the holidays and we watched, “The Kids are All Right”, which was also, just all right.

Sunday, Dec. 26: As it started to snow, we headed out for some shopping.  Surefoot, Banana, etc.  Very successful trip – the economy thanks me.

Monday, Dec. 27: Ah, the results of Thundersnow.  More details about that coming soon.  We went sledding in Central Park and then met up with Erika, Adam, and Brett, to have dinner at Brio and see, “The Fighter”.  Christian Bale and Amy Adams, were phenomenal.  See it.

Tuesday, Dec. 28: Acted like tourists and took a tour of the UN.  Pretty freaking cool, followed by lunch at Le Pain Quotidien.  I can’t even remember what else we did… maybe went to Sports Authority to spend some gift cards and then came home to commence laziness, once again.

Wednesday, Dec. 29: Went to the NYC Federal Reserve… Resting 50 feet below sea level, on the solid bedrock of Manhattan island, the Fed’s vault contains billions of dollars worth of gold.  We saw the gold, in the vault.  I wanted Arion to buy me a block of gold, but it was around $480,000.. so I said next year was ok, too.  Fancy date dinner at  Tao.

Thursday, Dec. 30: Arion, Brett, and I drove down to spend the day in Cherry Hill, NJ visiting Arion’s cousins who were in town from Israel: Ari, Esther, Hinda Leah (2.5yrs), and Sarah Baila (1.5yrs)… of course, I also went shopping at Cherry Hill Mall with Moriah, Arion spent QT with his dad, and Barbara made a delicious meal for all.

Friday, Dec. 31: Movies in bed in preparation for NYE festivities.  NYE Party – rang in the new year with Sandy and Bobby and many others 🙂

Saturday, Jan. 1: Late brunch with Brett at Cafe Habana, a day at Great Jones Spa with the hubs, and “The Ugly Truth” – very cute.

Sunday, Jan. 2: Slept in, did 4000 loads of laundry, cleaned house in preparation for entrance to reality today, Jan. 3 (little did I know I would be swept up with the stomach flu and end up working from home, but still, all necessary activities).

And there you have it, folks – a very very successful NYC staycation!!  Next year though, we’re thinking Hawaii 🙂


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