Hubs’ Company Holiday Party


Zengo is an “artful blend of Latin-Asian styles and flavors”… um, yes please.  Arion’s holiday party is more like Heather eating and drinking in bliss with excellent company, once a year.  I have no idea how they did it, but the firm is filled with entertaining, fun, and smart folks.  This year, they were also given an iPAD as a thank you – ie. the spouses received iPADs for when our hubs are working late 😉  Overall, well done people. Well done.

And some comic relief for your Friday: a lovely/humiliating story about yours truly.

Setting: Sitting at work at noon, in a small conference room, with 4 other people.  Heather stands up and her skirt gets caught on something sharp and evil and lace/silk skirt, that was worn especially for mentioned holiday party, rips down the side.  At first, it’s a tiny, teeny, mark and Heather thinks to herself, “you can’t even see it, no one will know”.  By 4pm, it reaches 3/4 of the skirt.  “CRAP”.  Cue wearing jacket to even go to the printer, until leaving office at 5:30 and running to nearest clothing store, Gap.  Find ONLY skirt in the store in my size… hate it.  Go to dressing room, make sure it fits, change, pay, run to holiday party.  Thanks evil office chair.  Result: more wine than usual at said holiday party, tearful goodbye to favorite skirt, and hysterically laughing sister (for 3 days) every time she talks to you OR your husband 🙂  You’re welcome.


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  1. Ummm iPads? Totally AWESOME! On the other hand – hot pencil skirt ruined? Big thumbs down – even if your story did make me smile! xo!

  2. The iPad almost makes up for the ruined skirt. Tell TPTB that they still owe you some sparkly jewelry. You know, to REALLY make you feel better. 🙂

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