Stuffing, Snuggles, and Skiing


For Thanksgiving this year, we headed to CO for an entire week!!!  While we were there we skied, spent time at Melissa, Danny, and Wes’ new house, eat a lot of really good food, celebrated our belated wedding anniversary with a night at the Ritz (in the same room as we had on our wedding night!!), visited Castlewood Canyon, snuggled Wes, celebrated my parents 30th wedding anniversary at Elways in Cherry Creek, saw Harry Potter 7 on the big screen, snuggled Gracie and Felix (my parents new 1.5 lb. kittens), saw some friends, and had an overall FANTASTIC time.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any photos with Kendra and Jason or Kerri and Jon, but we loved seeing them and spending good quality time together.  We also didn’t get a ton of photos on Thanksgiving (we were busy eating), but we had our traditional meal with the Gercke family (30 years in the running).  So thankful.

Here is the rest of the photo recap:

Taking Wes-man for a walk around his new neighborhood … Arion and Wes playing “dump-trucks” outside my parents house.


Hiking with Mom and Arion in Castlewood Canyon (isn’t she cute?) …. Breakfast with my favorite nephew EVER.


Snuggling with Gracie and Felix (our cats are obese compared to these munchkins)… Celebrating my parents 30th wedding anniversary with a re-make of our wedding cake.


Sleepy kittens… Melissa and I laughing about something at Thanksgiving (miss her SO much).


We LOVE HIM.  Period.  The top of our wedding cake from over one year ago – YUM!!



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