Wes’ First Visit to NYC!!


Wes (and Melissa and Danny), visited NYC for the first time on September 27 – well, it wasn’t Melissa and Danny’s first time, but it was their first time since having the Wes-man.  They stayed through Sunday (yipee!), which meant I was able to spend a lot of quality time with them.  We played in my apartment a lot due to the rain, but also went to FAO Schwarz, took a ride on the subway, played with vacuums, napped, brushed our teeth, washed our feet, went to the Children’s museum, and ate our way through the city.  Melissa and Danny missed a lot of the amazing restaurants here, so we went all over town.  It was delicious.  When they left, I cried (clearly), but will see them again for Thanksgiving in CO where they will be moved into their NEW HOUSE!!  So exciting.

Below are some photos, but first, a list of my favorite Wes words all in his little voice:
Choo Choo (Whenever we rode the Subway)
Kakarooo (What a Rooster Says)
MAH (Blowing kisses)
OOOO, while banging on chest (A Gorilla)
Beep (for all honking, which is a lot in NYC)
Truck (again, a lot of them!)
And many more…


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