Jake and Tammy are now Mr. and Mrs.!


On August 21, Arion and I headed to Southbury, CT, for Jake and Tammy’s wedding weekend.  It was at the Heritage Hotel, which was perfect.  We grabbed some lunch at a deli and then the boys did some swimming!!  There’s the groom on the bottom right 🙂 with his brother at the top, and my handsome hub on the bottom left.

Then we had the rehearsal and the boys practiced carrying the GORGEOUS chuppah that Jake’s mom painted.

After a yummy rehearsal dinner, Beth and I snuggled at the dessert reception.

The next morning, the girls got together to help the bride get ready… here she is!!

Oh, and then they got married 🙂

And cut the cake!!! (which I actually didn’t get a taste of because I was dancing my tush off)

I was even able to dance with the most adorable flower girl, Lily (the bride’s niece)…

And the night wasn’t complete without a photo-op with the newlyweds!

It was such a beautiful wedding with friends and we were so thankful to be able to share it with Jake and Tammy.  They are now in Spain and Italy on their honeymoon (we may run into them in Florence since we’re there at the same time!).  MAZEL TOV, Jake and Tammy, we love you!!!


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